We offer the following services:

Job Posting Services

  • Help with job ad creation or writing a complete job description
  • Post to the #1 job site on the internet – Indeed
  • Route all candidates to your preferred business email address
  • Posted for 30 days

Recruitment Assistance

  • Customized Search Plan
  • Customized Job Posting
  • Automated Candidate Screening
  • Post to the #1 job site – Indeed
  • Posted for 30 days, no hiring limits.

Recruiting Consultant

A sliding scale based on salary. Fees are typically 30% less than traditional services.

  • Dedicated Talent Professional
  • Recruitment Advisory Consulting
  • Customized Search Plan
  • Pre-Screening Interview Questionnaire
  • Customized Interview Guide
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Offer Management
  • Background Checks